Our Mission, Vision and Values



To lead high performing individuals and their families to live in their peak health for the rest of their life.


To make it fun, simple and easy for high performers to live in their peak state of health.

The 3 Essentials of Designer Health Centers

Medical Model Alternative Healthcare
* majority
New Health Model

Helps Address Root Causes of Illness

Instead of treating symptoms with drugs, surgery or supplements

No No Yes

Holistic Approach

That honors the inter-connectedness of the human body

No Yes Yes

Healing Comes From The Inside

Through the innate healing and regulating powers of your body

No No Yes

Customized Lifestyle Strategies

Designed just for you Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach

No No Yes

True Cellular Detoxification

That removes interferences and releases maximal energy and vitality for optimized health

No No Yes

Service Centered Philosophy

That puts you first instead of physicians, profits and disease-industry businesses

No Yes Yes

Preventative Epigenetic Approach

That acknowledges the power of lifestyle strategies to turn off disease genes within your body

No Yes Yes

Long-Term Sustainable Results

So that you can live at your full health potential for the rest of your life

No Yes Yes

Long-term Costs

Spending in the Medical and Alternative Model vs. Investing in the New Health Model

$$$$ $$ $

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