Learn how our Health Participants get long-term
sustainable results through their health transformations.

Health Participant: How Designer Health Centers describes an individual actively participating in their health transformation through education, guidance and inspiration.

Patient: A word the medical model gives an individual who is passively getting “treated”(drugs, surgery, supplements etc.) without preventing and addressing the underlying causes of disease.

The Polic Family

A Whole Family Epigenetic Health Transformation
  • Ivan Polic, Orange County Califronia

    The results we’ve received for our entire family have been truly amazing. The five-star service and advanced health systems that you get when you work with Designer Health Centers will ensure your health goals are met. Mariana balanced her hormones, dramatically reduced her risk of breast cancer and lost excess weight while gaining 7lbs of healthy lean body tissue. She also skyrocketed her energy. I lost 15lbs in 3 weeks, which has stayed off for over two years. I also removed the elevated levels of lead and much of the mercury out of my body. I’ve dramatically reversed risk factors of heart disease and increased my energy. Our kids are healthier and more confident because of this customized healthcare approach. This is the future of healthcare.

    - Ivan Polic, Orange County Califronia
      Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Relationship Coach

    Environmental Toxins Including Lead Completely Removed

    Ivan had a bio-accumulation of toxins within his body along with several essential micro-nutrient deficiencies. We customized an advanced cellular healing and detoxification plan specific to what his body needed. We also designed lifestyle strategies to fit his busy schedule that created more energy and increased his productivity. Within a short period of time he overcame fatigue, boosted his immunity and transformed his health.

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  • I have no questions about whether I will be healthy and at my ideal weight for the rest of my life. This customized approach to healthcare addresses the root cause and I feel fortunate that my family and I are plugged into Designer Health Centers. They are truly pioneering the future of how healthcare will be delivered.

    - Mariana Polic, Orange County Califronia
      Busy Mom, Entrepreneur and Relationship Coach

    Mariana Polic, Orange County Califronia

    Balanced Hormones, Optimized Mood and Overcame Micronutrient Deficiencies

    Mariana use to deal with hormone dysregulation, stress and fatigue that she associated with “getting older”. Internally she was deficient in vitamin B2, B12, D3, Insulin, Chromium, Glutathione along with other Antioxidants. Through removing many of the interferences within her body, her hormones balanced to a large degree, her energy exploded and her stress levels melted away. She currently has no micronutrient deficiencies what-so-ever and is living the anti-aging lifestyle.

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Reversed Heart Disease, Overcame Anxiety and Loses 40 Pounds

  • Daniel Kingston, Salt Lake City, Utah

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    Before working with Designer Health Centers Daniel suffered from heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. He also had risk factors for cancer and diabetes. Daniel invested into the Designer Health Centers Heart Healthy Lab Package which revealed the exact abnormal physiological problems present that he wasn’t aware of previously.

    After following a plan customized to his needs his body fat percentage went from 24% to 15%.  He reversed his heart disease, overcame depression and anxiety and now he has all day energy. He also totally reversed some of the risk factors of cancer and diabetes.  Daniel’s wife also lost over 100 lbs over the course of  a year without going on a dangerous diet or starving herself! All this was done without “treating” specific conditions, rather holistically helping Daniel and his wife adopt a healthy lifestyle while removing the specific interferences that were causing issues for him in the first place.


    - Daniel Kingston, Salt Lake City, Utah
      Business Executive, Business Coach and Father

    Heart Disease Markers and Toxic Load Dropped Like A Rock

    Initially Daniel Kingston had several lifestyle and toxic interferences that promoted heart disease, fatigue, anxiety and weight gain. We worked to help him remove these interferences and create permanent long-term sustainable change. We removed pathogenic microbes, environmental toxins and addressed all the cellular micronutrient deficiencies he had while customizing lifestyle change strategies. The results speak for themselves.

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